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Here's your chance to have wildlife in your yard, without any of the pesky behavior issues that animals can indulge in!
My animals are life-size and have glass eyes. They are hand painted to look so realistic that your neighbors will be
afraid of frightening them away.

Here is a lovely mountain lion I did for a client. He has never bothered her little dog. In fact, the two of them get along
quite well.

This kindly old donkey and her son are in the prayer garden at Ashland Theological Seminary, and they have not eaten
an ornamental bush or drawn a single fly.

I also make animals that are cast in bronze. This sassy little pelican is one of a pair that have been dutifully sending
up their fountain water in a park in Baton Rouge.

My animals are constructed of fiberglass over a core of foam. Then I apply a layer of epoxy resin, with which I sculpt the
surface details. They are hand painted with latex house paint. If they will be displayed in an area where they might be
subject to theft, I can add anchoring devices that can be attached to concrete footers or other immovable objects. 
I can do any animal, real or imagined, so if you have an idea for something, please contact me
to discuss it. 
Prices will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project.

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