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During my long life as an artist, I have worked in a wide range of different media. And I have made special one-of-a-kind art projects for a lot of different people.
So, if you have an idea about something you want, and you need an artist to make it for you, please contact me and tell me about your idea. There's a good chance
I can make your idea a reality.
Here are some projects  I have done for folks like you.

This is a mural I painted on the side of a client's brick garage. Click on it to learn more about my custom murals.

This is a statue of Jesus blessing the children, with a place for a child to sit in his lap. Click on it to learn more.

This is a life-size golden eagle I made for a client's gatepost.
Click on it to learn more about my realistic animal sculpture.

This is a portrait I painted of a client's cat.
Click on it to learn more about my pet portraits.

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