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This is a statue of Jesus blessing the children that I did for Ashland Theological Seminary.
The statue is 1 1/2 times life-size, so that there is room on Jesus' lap for an adult to sit.  It has been used
and appreciated in the counseling center for many years. Jesus is seated on a stone, and at his feet is
written, "Come to me like a little child, and enter the Kingdom of heaven."

The statue is made of fiberglass over a core of urethane foam. The surface is sculpted epoxy putty, and
it is painted to look like it was carved from granite.

If your church or institution is interested in acquiring a statue like this, please contact me to discuss details.
I did not make a mold of this statue, so if you want one, it will have to be built as an original.
The price is $10,000. It would take me about 6 months to create it for you. Shipping costs would depend
on your location and other factors.

If you have ideas for something different that you would like, I hope this information will give you some
notion of what would be involved.
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