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I do murals for your home or business.
I can paint on most surfaces that will accept house paint, but the smoother the surface, the better the mural will look.

Here is a mural I did for a client who has a brick garage that she wanted to 'hide' a bit.
The garage started out like this:
And when It was finished, it looked like this.  Next is a close-up of the bobcat, boulder and pomegranate tree.

Here is a beach scene I did on a brick wall around a swimming pool, when the owner,
who loved the beach, was no longer able to go.

That's pretty rough detail, because I was painting on brick.  If I'm painting on a lightly stuccoed wall, I can do something like
this swallow and barn owl that now decorate surprising spots in a client's home:

On extremely smooth surfaces, like sanded plaster, I can do museum quality work. This is a diorama background that I did at
The International Wildlife Museum in Tucson.

Prices for murals vary according to the complexity and level of detail of the design,
and the accessibility and texture of the surface. I hope these examples give you some good ideas.
If you would like to talk about a project you have in mind, please contact me. I would love to hear about it!

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