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 These are the adult javelinas.

'Mucho Javelina'

'Placida Javelina'

These are the baby javelinas.

Gordita Javelina

Avido Javelina

Travieso Javelina

These are life-size javelinas, cast in hollow lightweight concrete.  They are painted with exterior latex, and their eyes are taxidermy glass.
The adult javelinas, 'Mucho' and 'Placida' are 24" tall, 35" long, and weigh approximately 40lbs each.
The baby javelinas, 'Gordita,' 'Avido' and 'Travieso' are approximately 12" tall, 16" long, and weigh approximately 4lbs. each.

The  adult javelinas are $275 each.
The baby javelinas are $175 each. 
Any group of 1 adult and 2 babies is $575.
Any group of 2 adults and 3 babies is $875.

Purchase instructions are on the 'Sculptures' page.

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