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Water of Life free Print

Price: FREE!
Jesus said, "The water I give will become a spring of water welling up inside you to eternal life."  This warm fountain of living water cascades down through the rocks, starting from the stone where the Hebrew word 'Hesed' speaks of God's everlasting, tender love for His people. The pool is large, to bathe your weary flesh and spirit, and there is a humble tin cup already filled for you to drink deeply. The painting 'Water of Life' is on the left side of this image, and on the right is written, "To all who are thirsty, I give the water of Life. Come to Me and drink." 
This print is 8 x 10. This size is free. You may use it in any way that meets your needs. I only ask that you not sell it.
If you would like to have this image in a larger size, please contact me for pricing.

In this gallery or in 'Great Stuff for Under $100' you can also purchase a USB drive with all of my Prayer Pictures images.
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