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Quite some time ago, an image came to me in a daydream, and I found it very moving. I have never attempted to do anything with it, though I always knew that someday I would. Well, someday is now. It's time for me to unpack this for myself, and I'm hoping that in doing so, I might produce something worth sharing with you.
The image in my mind is this:  it's nighttime in an empty place with a flat horizon. An old woman dressed in a dark, formal dress is kneeling to hug tight a small child. Her purse sits on the ground beside her.
That's it. I have feelings of desperate affection attached to this picture, but no story. It doesn't fit experiences I've had with my grandparents, or anyone else.
As I have contemplated how to unpack this, I have found myself adding a roadway or path to the horizon, and some light on the horizon. I don't know whether the light represents nightfall or dawn, and whether the two souls are greeting or parting.

Here is my favorite volunteer, Audrey Hartman and her granddaughter Kiera. They were kind enough to model for me, so I could make a start on this image. I'm going to be doing it in colored pencil on black illustration board.

5/2 Here is the progress I've made so far. (not much, I know). This is the first time I've attempted colored pencil on black, so I'm learning as I go.

Keep checking this page to see my progress!

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